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Women urged to go on sex strike to win political stability in Belgium


Summary of story from Time News Feed, 9.2.11

Flemish Senator Marleen Temmerman is urging women to go on sex strike in an attempt to force Belgian politicians to form a coalition government.

Belgium’s government has been in crisis since June 2010 after a general election provided the country with a hung parliament with neither side willing to compromise.

This radical approach by Temmerman is not without precedent. When the wives of the President and Prime Minister of Kenya held out on their husbands in 2009, a compromise between the feuding pair was soon reached – a success that is not lost on Ms Temmerman.

Given the intransigence of these male politicians perhaps hitting them where it hurts will be a wakeup call and help to bring about an end to a country without a government, that is facing a worrying split into hostile Walloon and Flemish regions.

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