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Mexican woman imprisoned for 23 years for ‘miscarriage’


Summary of story from Hiding Under the Bed is Not The Answer, March 19, 2011

Mexican women’s rights groups are campaigning for the release of a woman imprisoned for ‘murder’ after suffering what she claims to have been a miscarriage.

A recent petition addresses ‘yet one more of a series [of incidents] in which women’s fundamental rights and liberties have been violated, leading to their unjustified imprisonment.’

Lesly Karina Diaz Zamora, a 21-year-old woman from Mexicali and mother of a five year-old child, was sentenced in January to 23 years in prison after being arrested while seeking medical attention in a Baja Californian hospital in 2008.

Ms Zamora was kept in custody by Mexican police for 2 years before being found guilty of  ‘aggravated murder by reason of relationship’.

The maximum tariff allowed by Baja Californian law for the crime of abortion is 4 years.

Lesly was accused of murder’ in accordance with the amendment of the state constitution that defines life as beginning at conception’.

The blog Hiding Under the Bed is Not The Answer is supporting a petition against her sentence on the grounds that the prosecution was unable to prove intentionality and the investigation against her did not follow due process.

According to the blog, at least 14 women in Mexico are currently in prison after their pregnancies ended prematurely.

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