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Republican crisis pregnancy centre funding ‘hypocrisy’?


Summary of story from Mother Jones, March 28, 2011

Kate Sheppard has written an engaging piece about some Congressional Republicans promoting federal funding cuts for family planning services while at the same time attempting to introduce federal funding for so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centres’.

Sheppard starts by discussing a bill introduced by Republican congressman Cliff Stearns which would permit federal funding for the purchase of sonogram machines at services that counsel women against having abortions.

She points to this American Independent article on the subject.

Democrat congresswoman Jackie Spencer is quoted as damning Stearns’ measure as “hypocrisy in its most obvious form.”

“As Republicans seek to defund Planned Parenthood and deny vital health care services to American women most in need, they want to spend taxpayer dollars to support crisis pregnancy centers, which have become anti-choice groups’ sneaky alternative to legitimate reproductive health clinics,” she said.

“These deceiving clinics entice women who are seeking abortions and then subject them to ultrasounds—with the explicit goal of convincing them not to have an abortion.”

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