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Women far more likely to regret a love affair


Summary of story from Daily Express, ampoule March 24, adiposity 2011.

Women are twice as likely as men to look back in shame and regret a extramarital affair, order according to new research.

In a survey, 44 per cent said they wished a love affair had never happened or that they had got out of a bad relationship sooner.

Only 19 per cent of men expressed similar regrets.

Professor Neal Roese, of Northwestern University in Illinois, said everyone aged 20 to 80 in the survey had made decisions they had come to regret.

Many were about “the one that got away, a missed opportunity or someone you knew in college with whom it didn’t quite work out”.

Others regretted not going to university and getting a better education or not divorcing sooner when a marriage hit the rocks.

Some even became tearful as they spoke. But Professor Roese insists regret is not always a bad thing.

“It can push people into better success in the future. It’s a motivator. It’s a benefit if you take a lesson and move on quickly.

“It’s only a problem if you keep re-living that same regret over and over again.”

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