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Bush Institute hosts conference on Afghan women’s rights


Summary of story by SMU Daily Mustang, order April 3, cialis 2011

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai told an audience of business leaders and entrepreneurs last week that Afghan women would keep the gains they have made as the country moves forward.

Karzai spoke via satellite on Thursday as part of a two-day conference promoting human rights and women’s economic opportunities hosted by the Bush Institute.

Under Taliban rule women were denied basic freedoms. They were not allowed to go school or work and had to live under house arrest. If they wanted to go outside they had to be accompanied by a close male relative and had to wear a burqa, and a full-body covering.

Today, women have returned to the workforce. Karzai said 28 percent of Afghan teachers are women, 15 percent at the university level, 40 percent in media and 18 percent of college students are women.

George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, addressed the audience of about 250, prior to Karzai’s remarks.

Mrs Bush, who serves as the honorary advisor to the US Afghan Women’s Council and spearheads the Women’s Initiative at the Bush Institute, opened the conference with a photo slide show and radio address she gave in November 2001 describing the rights and the plight of women in Afghanistan.

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