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Food shortage major issue as Yemen violence continues


Summary of story from the BBC, April 13, 2011

Three Yemeni women have been interviewed about the problems they face in the midst of the current political turmoil in Yemen.

One talks of domestic problems, about finding food, her husband not finding work, about how extremely difficult it is to make ends meet.

She is, she says, praying every day for the end of this crisis. “We are living day-by-day because we have no choice. We lack money for food, and for services. In fact, we have nothing. All we can do is wait and pray.”

Another, a tax officer, tells of the effects of not being able to actually get to work to support her family of five siblings and her parents. Her sister has stopped going to university as the building is closed.

And now, since traders are not paying taxes, she has nothing to do when she does get to her office. There is also the food shortage. “Today we have food. Tomorrow we may not.”

The head of a child welfare organisation in southern Yemen which runs a rehabilitation shelter for Yemeni street children, talks about the shooting, the transport problems – and the food shortage.

The last demonstration was very close to the welfare centre, and the 60 children who they look after heard shots being fired.

“Many of the staff are concerned there is nowhere to hide,” she said.  And “I don’t think the children feel safe at the moment.”

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