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Saudi women cashiers fear for their jobs


Summary of story from Arab News, order April 3, cure 2011

A fatwa issued against women workers in Saudi Arabia has forced many female cashiers to fear for their jobs.

Last year’s fatwa, prescription issued  by the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars, condemns any job where a woman might interact with a male customer, co-worker or manager (see WVoN story).

A statement from the Council has said that the mixing of sexes is forbidden and women should not seek jobs where they could encounter men.

Meanwhile, media reports in Saudi Arabia state there may be an official ban on women cashiers soon.

Check-out Saudi filmmaker Hana’a Al-Fasi’s campaign “Work is Worship!” which aims to support the rights of women working as cashiers in Saudi Arabia.

In the widely-circulated YouTube clip, a Saudi man commends a male cashier in a supermarket for doing an honest day’s work before scolding a young female cashier for working in a job which allows her to meet men who are not related to her.

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