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YouTube Saudi woman driver faces 10 more days in jail

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Summary of story from The Guardian, prescription  May 26, sale 2011

A Saudi Arabian woman who posted up a video of her driving her car is facing another 10 days in prison, according to reports.

Manal al-Sharif , a 32 year old mother who drove around the city of Khobar on Saturday, had expected to be released today after five days in jail (see WVoN story).

Her lawyer – Adnan al-Salah – says she faces charges of driving without a licence, provoking other women to do the same and provoking public opinion in Saudi Arabia.

“The investigator needs another 10 days to complete his investigation,” he said. ” He will decide whether Manal is innocent and has to be released or he will refer her to the prosecution unit – a government organisation.

“They might refer her to a special prosecutor to deal with the case. I feel the fair and right thing would have been to release her on bail.”

The extension of the investigation was interpreted as a show of defiance by the Saudi authorities in the face of growing domestic and international pressure to release Sharif.

Lawyers disagree whether it is illegal for women to drive under national law but it is socially and religiously unacceptable in many quarters.

WVoN comment: This interview with Saudi blogger Eman al Nafjan on Australian ABC news radio is also worth a read.

  1. Jane Da Vall says:

    What courage she must have to stand alone. I wish Manal al-Sharif all luck, the revolution she deserves and a place in the history books next to Rosa Parks.

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