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Eighth graders taken to Hooters during school trip


Summary of story from Chicago Sun Times, June 2, 2011

While students from the Berwick Middle School in central Pennsylvania were on a field trip to the National Aquarium last week, chaperones took them to different restaurants because there were too many of them for one place.

One group of around 15 to 20 eighth-graders were taken to Hooters, a restaurant better known for its busty waitresses than its food,

Superintendent Wayne Brookhart said that while he wished the group’s chaperones had chosen somewhere different, he had not received any complaints from parents.

Hooters spokesperson, Mike McNeil, said the chain often hosts groups with teens and younger children.

WVoN addition: For readers not based in the US, we understand from Wikipaedia that eighth graders are aged about 13 to 14.

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