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Saudi woman raped at gunpoint by chauffeur


Summary of story from Daily Mail, June 2, 2011

A woman in Saudi Arabia has claimed she was raped at gunpoint by a male chauffeur she had been forced to hire.

The unnamed woman who had hired the car due to Saudi laws that prohibit women from driving, says she was raped and threatened with a pistol when the chauffeur pulled over in an industrialised part of Medina.

The attack was reported by the Saudi Arabian daily Okaz as campaigns intensify to allow women to drive legally. A protest has been organised for later this month where activists have told women to drive their cars during a rally on June 17.

This comes after another Saudi woman, Manal al-Sharif, was detained for ten days after driving a car (see WVoN story).

The Facebook page titled ‘We are all Manal al-Sharif: a call for solidarity with Saudi women’s rights,’ gained more than 24,000 supporters.

A counter Facebook campaign was launched last week urging Saudi men to whip women who drive with the cord from their headdress (see story from Emirates 24/7).

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