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SlutWalk arrives loud and proud in London

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Summary of story from BBC News, June 13, 2011

Last Saturday, the Slutwalk movement finally arrived, loud and proud, on the streets of London – raising a few eyebrows along the way.

Picadilly Circus was awash with women and men dressed in high heels, stockings, bras and basques, bearing signs with statements like ‘cleavage is not consent’ printed on them.

Chants of “blame the rapist, not the victim, doesn’t matter what I’m dressed in” rose above the sound of traffic as both men and women marched to Trafalgar Square in protest of a culture which “blames the victim and not the abuser”.

Organisers of the London SlutWalk, headed by 17-year-old sixth former Anastasia Richardson, estimate that up to 5,000 people took part in the event.

Involved were people who claimed to know victims of sex assaults or were themselves targets of sexual abuse, along with organisations like the Socialist Workers Party and the London Feminist Network.

Some have hopes that the Slutwalk may mark a new chapter in the feminist movement, particularly for younger women who may not have regarded feminism positively before.

As one 23-year-old protestor said: “The way this has grown is very organic and really shows how big an issue this is. A lot of people are taking part who would not describe themselves as feminists, but they are doing it.

“It’s fantastic that this has had such a positive response from people and shows that feminism is cool even if it is not cool.”

The SlutWalk movement was sparked in Toronto after a policeman advised students to “stop dressing like sluts” in order to avoid being sexually harassed (see WVoN story).

Since then SlutWalk has gone global, with thousands of protestors marching in Toronto, London, Sydney and Mexico City.

  1. Corinne Cronkite-Ouellette says:

    When a two year old can not even dress themselves then how can they be blamed for dressing as a slut? Then many years later be left out of a will that another relative has left for them? If this is not child abuse then I don’t know what is.:0(

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