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UK judge condemns university “initiation” sex acts


Summary of story from the Daily Mail, June 16, 2011

A UK judge has condemned sports club drinking culture, which led to six drunken university students performing sex acts on public transport.

The University of Gloucestershire students stripped off and performed what the Mail called “revolting acts” in front of horrified passengers on a bus, including two 17 year old girls.

The acts were part of an initiation operated by the university’s Rugby and Football Club – which has since been disbanded by officials.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC told the students: “This culture of ‘striping’ is furthered by some young mens’ inherent desire to inflict upon or humiliate their fellow human beings and it requires courage to resist.

“You are old enough to have landed on the beaches of Normandy on D Day. You are old enough to say no.”

The court heard how Lewis Baker,22, James Devlin, 20, Alex Bye, 20, Daniel Hammond, 20, Ryan Lissamore, 19 and Oliver Graham, 21, performed the acts on the way home from a football and rugby club day out in September last year.

The defendants wrote letters of apology to the girls they offended.

The judge opted to give them a conditional discharge, claiming he did not want to harm their future studies or careers, but has banned them from drinking in public for 160 days and each will have to pay £180.

As a result of disciplinary measures taken by the university, the six men are banned from all sports clubs on the campus.


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