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Women are not aroused by “man-part” pictures


Summary of story from The Washington Post, sildenafil June 2, healing 2011

Over the weekend, it was revealed that Representive Anthony Weiner (Democrat, New York), or someone pretending to be Weiner, allegedly sent a photo of his bulging briefs to one of his Twitter followers.

Weiner has maintained that his Twitter account was hacked in a prank.

Over the years, a handful of famous men — and a boatload full of unfamous, Craigslisty men — have landed in the news for sending women photos of their artfully framed packages.

A general note for men: Broaden your seduction techniques! Women do not enjoy seeing photos of bulging briefs via Twitter.

When polled, women said they would prefer to see – a photo of a made bed, folded laundry or a picture of a man, sweaty, cleaning out the storm drain.

“There is a great diversity in what women find arousing. If you look at the empirical literature, it does indicate that the majority of women are not as aroused by pictures of naked man-parts” says Marta Meana, a renowned psychologist who studies women’s sexual function at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

Women, research increasingly shows, are nuanced sexual beings whose arousal depends on context, mood and a whole bunch of things they aren’t even aware of.

Men do tend to find the equivalent naked pictures of women titillating. When they send women photos of their genitalia, they are engaging in a sort of sexting golden rule: I think it’s hot, so you should, too.

WVoN comment: Honesty and poetry do much more for me than a naked shaft.

  1. Manny Shargel says:

    “Chacun a son gout”

  2. Finisterre says:

    Well, maybe women don’t find pictures of cocks arousing… or, hey, maybe *the sexual harassment aspect of sending unsolicited photos* is what they find off-putting?

    Because I’d be more than happy to look at pictures of naked men, if they weren’t, say, unattractive politicos. And if they weren’t sent to me in a creepy harassmenty manner.

    Context is everything.

  3. I don’t agree Manny…

  4. But did anyone actually see Weiner’s equipment? I didn’t. I’ve seen more graphic photos in Calvin Klein ads for men’s briefs. Just saying. ; )

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