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Lack of female game developers down to ‘peer pressure’


Summary of story from develop, July 13, 2011

According to a successful female games developer, the lack of women in her field is down to ‘a cultural issue’ which begins in school.

‘The only difference between me and my maths-inclined, game-loving friend – who does advanced needlepoint instead of engineering – is that she succumbed to the peer pressure,’ says Quinn Dunki, who has helped create numerous iPhone games apps.

According to data collected by the Entertainment Software Association, 42 per cent of game players are female; however, only one-tenth of games developers are women.

Ms Dunki thinks that deep-reaching social issues are to blame for this.

‘The outreach needs to go down to the [early] school levels. That’s where the research shows girls stop studying maths and science due to pressures from peers and other sources,’ says Ms Dunki.

‘In the meantime, the best thing we can do is provide role models. If you’re a female engineer or scientist, put yourself out there.’

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