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Australian Vogue feature their first ‘plus sized’ model

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Summary of story from the Daily Mail, August 3, 2011

Australian model Robyn Lawley has appeared in the pages of Vogue Italia and French Elle, but she is now the first plus sized model to appear in Vogue Australia.

In the ten-page ‘Belle Curve’ piece, Ms Lawley poses in strong tailoring by Australian designers Alex Perry, Willow and Carla Zampatti.

Vogue Australia editor, Kirstie Clements, said her tradition-changing decision to cast the 22-year-old model was not based upon her size:

“She’s really beautiful and you have to make the judgement about whether a girl’s special or not, so it really wasn’t about size or to make a statement.’

Writing in the editor’s letter of September’s Vogue Australia, Ms Clements says she ‘was transfixed by Ms Lawley’s beauty and poise. She is a truly super-duper model.

She added: “When a plus-size model first turns up to the studio, she may be an anomaly to a team normally used to working with size-6s (UK size 4), but once photographer Max Doyle started shooting Robyn, we quickly readjusted our preconceived notions of beauty.’

The model, who is  a UK size 12, said in a recent interview that she feels designers are beginning to have the confidence to design for plus size models. ‘Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and always has and always will,’ she said.

Ms Clements later wrote, “She doesn’t actually look plus size to me at all now.”

WVoN comment: So beauty isn’t about size, but the photography team had to readjust their preconceieved notions of beauty when they worked with a ‘plus size’ model?
This is not progressive and is certainly not revolutionary as the Daily Mail seems to think. Afterall, Robyn Lawley still has to cater for the industry’s idea of beauty to be considered.  And size 12 is plus size? Really?

  1. Jane Osmond says:

    I have always wondered what a size 0, and in this article, and size 4 actually looks like. Do these sizes really exist? And, as Meg points out, size 12 is seen as plus size? WTF?

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