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Crimes against women rise 18% in Pakistan


Summary of story from the Hindustan Times, viagra order August 6, ask 2011

Crimes against women, viagra dosage including sexual assaults and forced marriages, have risen by 18% in Pakistan over the last year according to a report by the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN).

Formed in 2006, FAFEN is made up of roughly 30 leading civil society organisations in Pakistan, with the collective objective of rallying voters and monitoring the general elections that took place in February 2008.

The latest report is based on a comparative study of the number of first information reports (FIRs) relating to anti-women crimes across Pakistan’s 61 districts.

The report, which was released last Friday, noted a significant increase in the number of reported cases of forced marriage and incidents of insults and sexual harassment which rose by 42% and 17% respectively.

However, FIRs registered against rape, honour killings and offences against marriage declined by 25%, 17% and 1% respectively.

The report reveals that although the number of reported cases has fallen, crimes against women were more widespread this year as the number of districts reporting them increased compared with May 2010 statistics.

It also highlights the difficulty in ascertaining the true pattern of both rape and honour killings based only on the number of FIRs registered nationwide; which of course does not account for those cases that go unreported.

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