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Somalian women dying of hunger – and sexual violence


Summary of story from IPS News, ailment August 9, try 2011

Dying of starvation during what has been declared the worst famine in the last 60 years is just one of the many dangers that women and children in or fleeing Somalia face on a daily base.

According to Janusz Czerniejewski, ailment head of Intersos at the Kenya and Somalia Mission, conflict over scarce resources increases during drought, putting women and children at higher risk of experiencing sexual violence.

A report released by the International Rescue Committee in July showed that violence against women and girls is a serious danger even after they reach the camps, particularly when they go to collect firewood or use the forest as a latrine.

Research on sexual violence undertaken by the Protection Monitoring Network (PMN) covered 600 reported cases of rape and showed that after a period of six months, 10 percent of the assaulted women committed suicide and 25 percent disappeared.

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