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The price of love in China


Summary of story from the Times of India, August 11, 2011

For centuries, Chinese men saw the acquisition of a mistress as testament to their affluence. Today, men like Jian are evidence that little has changed.

The 42-year old property developer has all the trappings a man of his standing covets; including a lavish home for himself, his wife and his daughter.

Two years ago, however, he acquired the ultimate status-symbol; a mistress half his age. Keeping her costs him about $6,000 per month –  but he likens her to an élite pastime.

“Keeping a mistress is just like playing golf,” he says. “Both are expensive hobbies.”

The men’s lovers are ensconced in chic apartments, given stipends and luxury cars.

Such arrangements are not unusual among officials and the nouveau riche in China, and it is also not unusual to have more than one mistress.

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