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UN holds conference to encourage women’s participation in development


Summary of story from All Africa, August 3, there 2011

Dr Mary Okumu, adiposity the chief technical advisor of the UN Capital Development Fund for south and eastern Africa, has urged governments to embrace gender at different levels to enable women to participate effectively in the development of their countries.

Dr Okumu is attending a three day conference on gender equality and development, where countries from the region will share ideas on women’s equitable access to productive resources.

The Gender Equality and Local Development (GELD) conference is a joint programme between various UN bodies and is designed to strengthen local governments to fund small scale investments.

Member countries are Rwanda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Mozambique.

Dr Okumu praised Rwanda for being the best example in the world of women’s participation, especially in parliament.

At the end of the conference, participants are expected to come up with information and data progress, achievements, challenges, gaps and opportunities in GELD implementation among all five member countries.

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