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Women in north east England hit hardest by recession and cuts


Summary of story from HiFX, August 16, 2011

New research by the UK Trades Union Congress (TUC) has revealed that women in north east England are bearing the brunt of the recession.

From December 2007 to April 2011, the number of women in work went down by 5.09 per cent, making the area the worst hit in the UK.

The job losses suffered by women in the region are two and a half times higher than any other region in England.

There were 34, 000 job losses among women of the north east from the date the coalition government came to power in June 2010, until April this year.

The news from other regions is more positive, with London experiencing a rise in female employment of over four per cent.

However, women face further job insecurity as government cuts start to bite.

One third of jobs in the north east are in the public sector, two thirds of which are held by women.

Neil Foster, Northern TUC Policy and Campaigns Officer commented that it was “ethically wrong and economically absurd’ for these women to suffer the most from recession and cuts.”

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