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Women sleepless due to financial worries


Summary of story from the Times of India, August 27, 2011

In a study conducted by, 30 per cent of the women surveyed put down ‘financial worries’ as the reason for their lying awake in the night.

The second most common reason for women lying awake in the night turned out to be to-do-lists and work stress. 35 per cent of sleepless men on the other hand said they were kept awake by “nothing”.

The study which surveyed average waged women and men in the US suggested that household chores are still primarily working women’s responsibility.

A majority of women, 73 per cent to be precise, also expressed their frustration with disorganisation with 50 per cent of women saying they feel relaxed and 40 per cent say they feel happy when they are organised. That compares to 41 per cent and 37 per cent of men respectively.

WVoN comment: Anything new or revealing here?

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