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Boyfriend stalker facing prison


Comment on and summary of story from The Nottingham Evening Post, September 20, 2011

Predatory risks to women online have been highlighted by a girl who discovered her internet stalker was her boyfriend of over three years.

Shane Webber pretended to be 22-year-old Ruth Jeffrey’s former school friends, sending her sexually explicit photos and videos. He also took on her identity and sent her friends and family inappropriate images.

On one occasion he messaged a male student in her name, sending him her home address. The recipient then turned up at her home.

Their relationship continued throughout the intimidation although he knew she was suffering from depression and taking antidepressants.

Ruth, a student at Loughborough University in the UK,  had known Webber for ten years.

Webber, 22, admitted causing harassment, alarm or distress and will be sentenced next month.

  1. Jane Osmond says:

    Urg – talk about being betrayed by those closest to you.

  2. Why do people do stuff like that? Is it a new thing (the behaviour – obviously the methods are fairly new) or have people always been like this?

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