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Facebook rape page: one of many


Jane Osmond, WVoN co-editor

Sadly, the Facebook page which is advocating rape is still up and a quick check (all I can bear to do) shows that it is still as offensive,  featuring comments such as:

However, we now have just over 3000 signatures on the petition thanks to our readers, so please do keep tweeting, reposting and get other people signing.

In addition, Sarah Cheverton, a WVoN colleague, has reported this week on another petition, which originated in the States protesting against equally offensive pages, such as:

Raping your mates girlfriend to see if she can put up a fight (170 Likes to date)

Wiping makeup off your shoe after a long day of kicking sluts in the face (85,855 Likes)

I know a silly little bitch that needs a good slap (12,074 Likes)

Riding your Girlfriend softly, Cause you dont want to wake her up (85,653 Likes)

This second petition to Facebook has over 129,000 signatures and is still growing. After I contacted the organiser he commented:

You know, I didn’t think I was easily shocked or disappointed by this modern world of ours, but such news is depressing.  Like you and many others, presumably, we just have to keep up the activism and reach out more than ever before.

So in the spirit of keeping up the activism and reaching out more than ever before, what is next?

This week a press release aimed at raising awareness of Facebook’s blatant disregard of the seriousness of perpetuating rape culture in this country, and also encouraging people to sign the petition is being organised: it is hoped that this will be sent out to the UK media early this week.

We will publish the press release as soon as we receive it and we will also be encouraging readers to use it to target their local media.

Watch this space.

  1. @abalanophage says:

    Petitioning Facebook is a bit pointless, because none of the people petitioning are Facebook’s customers. The customers are the advertisers. FB cares about revenue generation – from that point of view, the more offensive and contraversial the data on their servers, the better. The only bad publicity is no publicity.

    There’s one way to fight FB – deny them revenue. You can do this either by refusing to advertise (if you have that kind of clout), or by denying them leverage with the advertisers – close your account. Don’t use the site, and encourage others not to use it either.

    And if you are an advertiser who does have the clout to pull a lucrative ad campaign off FB, make it clear to FB why you’re doing so.

  2. Jane Osmond says:

    Yes you are right and we will send the press release to the advertisers too.

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