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German chancellor Angela Merkel undermined by outspoken MPs


Summary of story from The Independent, September 15, 2011

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government continued to show dangerous cracks yesterday as rebellious MPs ignored her warnings about speculating on Greece leaving the eurozone.

In defiance of Ms Merkel’s ‘softly softly’ approach to Athens’ spiralling debt, Peter Ramsauer, the German Transport Minister and deputy leader of Ms Merkel’s Bavarian conservative partners in government, told Die Zeit newspaper that his party was actively working on proposals to eject chronic debtor countries from the eurozone.

“It might be risky and painful for Greece to leave the euro, but it would not be the end of the world,” Mr Ramsauer said.

Less than 24 hours earlier, Ms Merkel had insisted that ‘everything’ should be done to keep the eurozone together because the financial collapse of Greece and its exit would have a domino effect.

The Free Democrats  were yesterday reported to be conducting a party-wide ballot of members to gain support for a motion which would exclude heavily indebted EU countries from the eurozone.

Ms Merkel faces a crucial vote on a key plank of her economic plans on 29 September, and may rely on the votes of opposition MPs for it to pass.

This could lead to a parliamentary vote of confidence in her administration which would almost certainly result in the collapse of her coalition.

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