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Not “Home Sweet Home” for UK women refugees


Summary of story from The Telegraph, September 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home is a collection of photographs taken by female asylum seekers in London. Organised by the charity Women for Refugee Women, alongside Women Asylum Seekers Together, the project shows refugees’ daily struggle to survive in their new environment.

According to Women for Refugee Women, the photographs explore what home means to the women refugees as they move from room to room.

They photograph the streets where they walk, the hostel rooms and friends’ floors where they sleep, the belongings they take from place to place. These images shine a direct and moving light on to what it means to be a refugee in this country.

The Home Sweet Home photography project can be seen at the House of Commons from 12 September 2011, and at the Riverside Studios in London from 18 September 2011.

Press enquiries to or 020 7250 1239; enquiries regarding further exhibitions to

WVoN comment: These photographs portray the sense of loneliness and displacement experienced by the women.  We can only hope that they, and those who come after, find their permanent space soon.

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