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Badger cull could kill your career, May warns Spelman


Summary of story from the Daily Mail, October 2, 2011

UK Home Secretary Theresa May and Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman are at war over controversial plans to cull thousands of badgers.

May has privately told Spelman not to go ahead with the cull during next year’s Olympics because there would not be enough police to deal with the expected protests, according to Whitehall sources.

They also claimed May had warned the Environment Secretary that the policy could be fatal to her own political future.

Spelman provoked fury from animal welfare campaigners earlier this year when she said she was “strong minded” to authorise a badger cull in England to combat the spread of TB, which cost the UK £100 million a year.

Some experts have said vaccination is a better remedy. Farmers are strongly in favour of the cull.

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