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“Blood diamonds” industry still thriving in Belgium


Summary of story from Global Post, October 5, 2011

You’ve maybe seen the movie, “Blood Diamond”, which delves into the dusty, deadly world of mining diamonds to finance conflicts in African war zones.

The film didn’t paint a pretty picture. But it did intensify the spotlight on the issue, which itself was reflective of real-world events like the Kimberley Process in 2000 — which drew governments and industry together in an effort to stem the deadly trade.

But here we are a decade later and the buzz has died down. There is still talk about blood diamonds, but the multi-billion dollar global trade has hardly come to a grinding halt.

GlobalPost takes a look at how the ongoing ugliness ties the world together — from the raw diamond mines in Zimbabwe to India, where little-known middlemen polish the stones ‘til they shine on the shelf in Antwerp, hidden from view unless you know who to ask.

As long as diamonds are forever, blood diamonds will be too.

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