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Chinese mother-of-four cannot go home because of one-child policy


Summary of story from The Telegraph, October 4, 2011

A Chinese woman who had four children in Britain after being turned down for asylum in the UK, claims she cannot be sent home because of the communist state’s one child policy.

Xiu Fang Zhang, 34, came to Britain in 2003, and despite being refused asylum shortly after her arrival, has remained here ever since, giving birth to four children in her eight years in the country.

Mrs Zhang, of, Newport, South Wales, and her children are now under threat of deportation to China after she was refused leave to remain in the UK earlier this year.

Arguing that her children could be taken from her if she is sent back to her homeland, Mrs Zhang mounted a judicial review challenge to the Home Office’s decision at the High Court in London.

Judge James Dingemans QC has ruled her case “arguable” and granted her permission to have the Home Office’s decision judicially reviewed at the High Court later this year.

He said recent judgements have emphasised the importance of considering childrens’ human rights in immigration decisions, adding: “It seems to me that this case does cross the threshold of arguability, and for that reason I grant permission.”

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