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Homecoming queen and football heroine in one night


Summary of story from the New York Times, October 3, 2011

Brianna Amat, a student at Pinckney Community High School in Michigan, was crowned homecoming queen during half time of the match against Grand Blanc on Friday, as is the tradition at the school.

However, she was not wearing a long dress, but her number 12 uniform, pads and all, and she had to be recalled from the locker room to accept her award.

Within the hour she went on to kick what was to be the decisive field goal to earn her side a 9-7 victory. She has since become known as the “Kicking Queen”.

Ms Amat is the first female to play football for the main Pinckney squad and beat two male students to become place kicker.

She is appreciative of the support she has received from her teammates, and said: “They’ve been so accepting of me it’s as if I’ve always been their teammate.”

Ms Amat is now concentrating on being accepted by Western Michigan University and intends to pursue a degree in business advertising. She has said, however, that she may reconsider if offered a sports scholarship.

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