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Kenya ranked global leader in gender reform


Summary from Business Daily, October 11, 2011

The World Bank has named Kenya as a global leader in gender reform, in a report published on Tuesday.

The report, entitled ‘Women, Business and the Law 2012: Removing Barriers to Inclusion’, shows that they now have better access to justice, property and top jobs.

It highlights 41 legal reforms that were or will be passed between June 2009 and March 2012 that could enhance women’s economic opportunities.

These include giving women the right to confer nationality to their children and spouses, as well as registration of documents and freedom of movement.

The ranking shows that constitution reforms are achieving their goals, said William Cheptumo, assistant Minister for Justice, Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs.

However, Joanne Mwangi, chair of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association, said that challenges remained, including lack of confidence and a lack of information.

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