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Minsk mothers protest unlawful jailing of sons


Summary of story from RFE/RL, October 3, 2011

Police dispersed 20 women in Minsk, Belarus, on Monday as they protested against what they say is the unlawful imprisonment of their sons by the presidential office.

The mothers held placards saying: “Fraudsters [Should Be Brought] to Justice!” “The Presidential Office Is the Defender of Lawlessness in Belarus!” and “Officials Are Guilty!”

Six of the demonstrators were detained by police.

Protest leader Tamara Syarhey says the women are convinced their sons were sent to jail “unlawfully” and their cases should be reviewed.

The women resorted to the demonstration, in the city’s Liberty Square, because the Supreme Court Chairman, Valyantsin Sukala has consistently refused to meet them.

Ms Syarhey says that that the women plan on gathering in the square every day for a month.

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