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Muslim woman removed from plane sues US airline


Summary of story from Sign On San Diego, October 7, 2011

Irum Abbasi, a Muslim woman who was removed from a plane in San Diego in March, has filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines over the ordeal.

Her lawyer, James McElroy, said Abbasi – who wears a head scarf – was on the phone with a friend when a flight attendant mistakenly heard her say “It’s a go” rather than “I’ve got to go.”

Abbasi, a Pakistani native and a US citizen for more than 10 years, was cleared for the flight but then was asked to take another when the pilot reportedly expressed discomfort.

A graduate student, Abbasi was on her way to San Jose State University. Her lawyer says the event disrupted her studies.

Abbasi’s complaint includes four counts of discrimination, one count of breach of contract, and one count of intentional affliction of emotional distress.

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