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Nepal lifts ban on exporting maids to the Gulf


Summary of story from Arab News, October 3, 2011

Nepal has lifted a ban on exporting housemaids to the Gulf states, and plans to send about 150,000 female workers to the region.

The plan is part of an agreement with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that will guarantee protection to the maids, according to Udaya Raj Pandey, newly appointed Nepalese ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and former adviser to the Nepalese home and foreign ministers.

In a press briefing at the Nepalese embassy, Pandey stated that Nepalese women would be allowed to work in Saudi Arabia as maids, but only for carefully vetted sponsors and under certain conditions.

Nepal has proposed a minimum monthly salary of SR1000 (Saudi Riyal), and all prospective female migrant workers must attend an orientation program in Kathmandu before going to the kingdom.

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