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News of the World pays damages for yet another phone hacking victim


Summary of story from the Telegraph, October 7, 2011

Kelly Hoppen, a South-African born UK based interior designer, has accepted £60,000 damages in the High Court to settle her claim over British newspaper News of the World’s phone hacking scandal.

Hoppen also won an injunction preventing any further unlawful accessing of her voicemail messages.

Hoppen claimed damages for harassment and breach of confidence over alleged hacking into her phone by News of the World journalist Dan Evans as recently as last year.

It is believed that her phone was hacked due to her close personal relationships with actress Sienna Miller and footballer Sol Campbell.

Hoppen’s solicitor Mark Thomson told Mr Justice Vos that she had been concerned about being the subject of numerous articles published between 2004 and 2006 “which contained intrusive and private information”.

He added that she “did not know the source of this information at the time of publication and often could not understand how it was possible for the News of the World to obtain such private information”.

The Metropolitan Police firstly denied that Hoppen had been targeted by the newspaper, but in February this year they told her she had in fact been a target over this period from 2004-2006.

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