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Palin’s self-promotion a boost for US women


Summary of story from Slate, October 5, 2011

It’s an unlikely gift from an unlikely source, but, as Libby Copeland writes, Sarah Palin may have helped to embolden American women.

“Politics aside […], Palin has excelled spectacularly at one thing that American women should feel grateful for: She is an exceedingly talented self-promoter,” Copeland writes.

Palin announced on October 5 that she will not run for US president in 2012. Afterwards, the former vice-presidential candidate told an interviewer that she could win the election, but being president might be too limiting.

“Even when her logic is frustrating, even when she contradicts herself, Palin’s unselfconscious brashness is a good thing for women because it is so needed and so exceptional,” says Copeland.

Historically, American women have not promoted themselves well, Copeland says. Research shows women tend to not seek attention or recognition.

“Palin may not realise it, but her real legacy lies elsewhere,” says Copeland. “She has expanded the palette of permissible behaviour for political women, hopefully for good.

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