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Pan-Tatar chairwoman warned against “extremism”


Summary of story from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, October 5, 2011

The chairwoman of the self-proclaimed pan-Tatar Milli Madjlis (National Assembly), Fauziya Bayramova, has been warned against propagating “extremism” .

Tatar Milli Madjlis sees itself as a parliament uniting all Tatars living in Russia and other countries around the world.

Ms Bayramova was forced into a car and taken to Russia’s Chally city prosecutor’s office on October 3, where the prosecutor’s aide, Ilshat Farkhetdinov, warned her about the possible consequences of ‘spreading extremism’.

Ms Bayramova, however, says she simply expressed her views regarding “my nation’s rights that were taken away by the empire.”

She does not think her articles contain any calls for extremism, and says that she will continue to defend the rights of the Tatar nation.

She has been warned by police and security official about her statements and articles calling for the preservation of Tatar culture, language, and identity before.

“If you think my death will shut my mouth, just know that my books will continue doing what I have been doing, and what I will always be doing,” Ms Bayramova said.

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