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Police spymasters tricked women to sleep with them to boost cover stories


Summary of story from Daily Mail, October 24, 2011

A British police spy-master who led a network of undercover officers tricked an innocent woman into having an 18-month relationship with him to apparently bolster his cover story.

Bob Lambert – who adopted the alias Bob Robinson – began dating the woman in the 1980s as he infiltrated Greenpeace to get into the Animal Liberation Front.

But 18 months into their relationship the decorated officer disappeared and told her he was moving to Spain because he feared being caught by the police.

The woman, who is not an activist, says she is still damaged by the relationship:

“I was cruelly tricked and it has made me very angry,” she told The Guardian, “I am actually quite damaged by the whole thing. I am still not over it.”

This isn’t an isolated case. Undercover operative Mr Lambert – normally known as Jim Boyling – helped foil an Animal Liberation Front plot to bomb Debenhams stores in Luton, Romford and Harrow which had products made with fur.

Thanks to his intelligence, the police were able to catch the plotters red-handed.

After the attack was foiled, Bob ‘Robinson’ told his girlfriend that Special Branch were after him.

There has been heavy criticism of the way the team operated. It has been revealed that five out of seven people known to have infiltrated environmental protest groups had sexual relationships while hiding behind their false identity.

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