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Provocative poses to be banned on billboards near schools


Summary of Story from The Daily Mail, October 9, 2011

In a move by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), images that appear on billboard posters are to be restricted to prevent the sexualisation of young children.

Boards that contain images of “scantily clad” models are to be banned in what can be seen as a victory for parent-power, following a report from the Mother’s Union (see WVoN story).

The new rules will target posters that feature models in provocative poses, although models wearing lingerie could be banned outright.

The restrictions could also extend to fully clothed couples, if they are shown in a “passionate clinch.”

The announcement follows a meeting in June where representatives of the ASA spoke with parents and children in Cardiff about the rules that govern billboards and whether they should be tightened.

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