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UN chief calls for immediate international action in Syria


Summary of  story from Aljazeera, October 14, 2011

Navi Pillay, the United Nation’s high commissioner for human rights, has urged the international community to “take immediate measures to protect the Syrian people.”

The number of people who have been killed in Syria in protest against President Bashar Al-Assad’s government has now exceeded 3,000.

The UN’s head office in Geneva today released a statement by Pillay, in which she expresses her dismay at the “remorseless toll of human lives.”

She continued by saying that, as well as the huge number of deaths, “thousands have been arrested, detained, forcibly disappeared and tortured.”

Pillay condemned the Syrian government for failing to protect its population and for ignoring calls to cooperate with international investigations.

She said that action must be taken before the violence escalates and throws Syria into “a full-blown civil war.”

Arab League foreign ministers are due to hold an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the ongoing unrest.

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