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Women are a “critical human resource,” says Malawi vice-president


Joyce Banda, Malawi's first female VP

Summary of story from Daily Nation, October 30, 2011

Malawi’s vice-president Joyce Banda has said that Africa will only develop with the full participation of women in politics and other leadership roles.

“There is no way Africa is going to forge ahead and develop if it leaves more than half of its population behind.

“We believe that as women we are a critical human resource that Africa cannot do without,” said Ms Banda in a recent interview.

She has also stressed that those in leadership positions, like herself, have a moral obligation to reach out to mentor younger women to fill the positions of authority.

“I have looked around and found that across Africa, when women get into leadership positions, they are very much concerned and involved in social issues especially those that affect women and children and people with disability,” said the presidential hopeful.

After a run-in with the current Malawi president Bingu Wa Mutharika, Ms Banda left the governing Democratic Progressive Party to form her own People’s Party.

However, according to law, currently challenged by Mutharika, she will remain the country’s vice-president until the general elections scheduled for 2014.

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