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Women experience slower economic recovery to men


Summary of story from Women’s Media Centre, October 7, 2011.

It is almost as if US women and men have had two different recessions and are now having two different recoveries.

In a recent Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) report, 50 per cent of women aged 18 to 34 said that they were unemployed and looking for work sometime in the past two years; the figure for men in the same age group was 24 per cent.

Single mothers report experiencing a month or more of unemployment in the past two years at roughly double the rate of other parents.

For many reasons, women living without men in their households have a lower standard of living than married couples or single men.

But the differences observed between the experiences of women and men, even when they report living in the same type of household—married couples—raise a further concern.

Researchers typically measure the well-being of family members by assuming all members of the family share all income equally.

The IWPR report suggest men and women in families may have different access to family resources, or perhaps different family roles that lead one gender to experience more hardship.

Survey results suggest women worry more about not taking a child to the doctor for lack of money, not having savings to cover two months of lost income, not having enough money to live on in retirement.

What do women want?

According to the survey: jobs, jobs that make it easier to meet family demands, economic security, equal opportunity, workers’ rights, more generous Social Security benefits, and no cuts in either Social Security or Medicare.

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