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Durex makes ‘sexist’ Twitter blunder


Rosy Moorhead
WVoN co-editor and features editor

Why did God give men penises?

So they’d have at least one way to shut a woman up.

Comedy genius. That, at least, seems to have been the opinion of Durex South Africa when it tweeted that ‘joke’ to its followers yesterday.

@DurexSA had been tweeting jokes about sex all day but when it came out with the above gem, one of a number of equally questionable quips, women’s groups and others began to complain.

@FeministsSA tweeted: “Wonder if @Durex_USA supports @DurexSA ‘s stance on violence against women – penises for keeping women quiet?? WTF”. The group then called for a boycott of the brand.

At first, @DurexSA appeared to defend its comments, replying: “We have posted many jokes, see our timeline… And they not violent against woman! Re-read it!!!!!” [sic]

@RapeCrisis tweeted that jokes promoting sexism “were part of the system that promotes rape”.

DurexSA later issued this apology: “We’re really sorry for causing offence today, not intentional. We believe in the rights of woman and safe sex. Thanks for putting us right.”

Today it released a further apology, saying: “As a brand respected by millions, we wld like 2 take this opportunity 2 apologize 4 the jokes posted on our timeline yesterday.”

Unfortunately, God doesn’t seem to have given women anything to shut idiots’ mouths up with…

  1. Pavlov's Cat says:

    Strangely, an utterly insincere apology motivated by sales-preservation instinct doesn’t tempt me to reconsider changing my condom-purchasing habits away from their brand.

  2. absolutely gross and misogynist PR ‘joke’ and likewise, I do not find this apology convincing. Considering that rape is endemic in South Africa, I think Durex SA should follow this ‘apology’ with a commitment to its company providing significant ongoing funding of rape crisis centres for SA women and girls.

  3. Yep a great huge big donation would be in order

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