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Elle Macpherson’s former adviser gives evidence at phone hacking inquiry


Summary of story from Guardian, November 22, 2011

Supermodel Elle Macpherson’s former adviser has given evidence as part of the UK inquiry into press standards.

Speaking at London’s High Court, Mary-Ellen Field described how she had become “collateral damage” of the phone hacking scandal.

Field said her position as a trusted adviser was destroyed by Macpherson’s suspicions that somebody was leaking information about her private life.

In 2005, Field entered a rehab clinic. She says she hardly drank, but had been threatened with dismissal if she did not attend.

Despite this, she was dismissed from her position at accountancy firm Chiltern in 2006. It was not until earlier this year that she was contacted by police as a possible victim of phone hacking.

Field is one of more than 60 individuals taking legal action against News International over alleged phone hacking by the News of the World.

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