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Ghost Bike for dead cyclist


Summary of story from Huffington Post, October 30, 2011

A Ghost Bike has been placed at King’s Cross, in London, to commemorate the death of Min Joo Lee, a 24-year-old student cyclist who died there under the wheels of a heavy goods vehicle at the beginning of the month.

The static white Ghost Bike memorial is locked up on the pavement of the junction of York Way and Euston Road where Ms Lee was killed.

And it has been placed, like the other Ghost Bikes around the world, with deliberate intention: to create much-needed awareness and be a memorial to a tragedy.

In 2009 it was found that 10 out of 13 cyclists killed on the road were female, even though there are three times more men cyclists than women.

People are using two wheels now more than ever, more bikes than cars crossing London’s bridges during rush hour, and 4000 cyclists on the city’s roads now, compared to 750 in 1999.

Ms Lee has in some ways become a martyr to a long-standing cause. Cycling communities, the Green party and Camden councillors and residents have been asking for improvements to road safety around the King’s Cross junction, a now-deadly cycling black-spot.

Despite the daunting statistics, cyclists are urged to view the memorial as a way of raising cycling awareness and not promote fear in other female cyclists.

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