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Presidential hopeful, Herman Cain faces third sexual harassment allegation


Summary of story from ABC News, November 2, 2011

A third woman considered filing a workplace complaint against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain over what was termed aggressive and unwanted behaviour, according to a report in the Associated News.

The complaint relates to Cain’s time as leader of the National Restaurant Association more than a decade ago. Cain has already denounced two previous allegations, suggesting that one woman was a poor worker (see WVoN story).

However, ABC News found that both women are respected career professionals; one working as a public spokesperson for various agencies of the federal government.

In interviews Cain said that all he could recall was making an innocuous gesture to the woman:

“I referenced this lady’s height, and I did this saying, you’re the same height of my wife, because my wife is five feet tall and she comes up to my chin. So obviously she thought that was too close for comfort. It showed up in the actual allegation.”

Joel Bennett, a lawyer for the woman, disputes Cain’s version of events and said: “To the extent he’s made statements that he never sexually harassed anyone, that’s certainly not true with respect to my client’s complaints.”

Bennett says his client has decided not to make any public appearances and that they intend to contest Cain’s version of events.

Meanwhile, a radio host in Iowa said that the candidate had made “awkward” and “inappropriate” comments to staffers at the station during a visit earlier this year.

Cain has blamed everything on another Republican presidential hopeful, Rick Perry, saying that the story was planted by his campaign.

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