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Afghan women in danger of being forgotten


Summary of story from The Daily Beast December 6, 2011

The international community met earlier this week to discuss the future of Afghanistan, in particular the departure of international troops from the country, scheduled for 2014.

Afghan women leaders worked hard to put pressure on both their government and the international community to make sure they had a voice at the Bonn summit. As a result, a third of the 40 delegates from Afghanistan to the event were women.

These women regularly say that they want and welcome peace, but they do not want it at the cost of their right to work and go to school.

Although they have made progress, there is still a long way to go.

Last week a story about an Afghan woman who was in prison for the “moral crime” of being raped made international headlines—when the woman was pardoned by the president, on the condition that she marry her rapist (see WVoN story).

Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, has pledged repeatedly to Afghan women that “we will not abandon you,” but the reality of that promise may be tested in the coming months, as the international community hunts for a peace deal that will allow it a graceful exit from the decade-long war.

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