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Apps that promote breast implants and sexual harassment


Summary of story from GlobalPost, January 14, 2012

Apps on the Apple online store that encourage breast implants and give instructions on how to ogle the opposite sex are among programs apparently being recommended for 12-year-olds.

Among the applications with a maturity rating of 12+ or less, are weight-loss apps, a breast-implant stimulator app and a marijuana recipe app.

One of them, iAugment, is a breast-implant simulator app that allows users to take photos of their chest, publish the photos on Facebook to get others’ opinions and find a recommended surgeon.

Or there’s iLust app, which is free-to-download and shows youths how to “sneak a peek at a hottie without getting caught” and includes an “ogle meter.”

The Australian Family Association has reportedly called for the apps to be blocked.

An Apple spokesman contacted over the story said that the group did not comment on app age ratings, according to News.

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