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Safe houses for victims of violence in Haiti


Summary of story from UNWomen, January 6, 2012

Two years on from the catastrophic Haiti earthquake, support to survivors of violence remains critical as the country continues to rebuild itself.

UN Women has responded by providing technical support to six safe houses in five regions in Haiti in the past year.

One of the roles safe house counsellors have is supporting victims of sexual violence, many of whom are young girls who were orphaned in the natural disaster.

Safe houses are not only essential for supporting victims of violence, they also provide training to practitioners and counsellors, as well as mentoring and clinical supervision.

This training is essential to ensure that every woman has equal access to quality services, including counselling, medical services, and police and judiciary services.

Equally important for survivors of violence is that those services provide the support system they require to move forward.

The Ministry for Women’s Condition and Women’s Rights (MCFDF) has also provided support by establishing standard operating procedures and a manual of norms for safe houses.

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