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US women see signs of a jobs recovery, report suggests


Summary of story from msnbc, January 10, 2012

The US recession saw job losses that were so much more considerable for men than for women that some dubbed it a “mancession”, but once the nation went into recovery, men saw much stronger job gains than women.

And according to a Pew Research Centre report, women actually lost jobs in the first two years of the recovery, while men gained ground.

However, a new report suggests that women in the US are finally gaining jobs on a rate that is roughly on par with men.

Between October and December 2011, men and women each gained about 206,000 jobs, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS).

In fact, about 43,000 more women were employed in at the end of December 2011 than when the recession ended in June 2009, according to the BLS.

“Finally, women moved into the black at the end of 2011,” said Joan Entmacher, vice president for family economy security at the National Women’s Law Centre (NWLC), which has been closely following women’s employment through the recession and recovery.

Still, Entmacher notes that women have been taken on in just a tiny portion of the net 1.4 million jobs that have been added since the recession ended.

Although researchers could not pinpoint a definitive reason for why women did not see job gains in the early stages of the recovery, many said that cuts in state and local government funding were a likely factor.

That led to job losses in sectors such as education and social services, where women are more predominant.

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