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Women’s brewing project launches new beer


Summary of story from Manchester Evening News, January 25, 2012

A group of all-female brewers are raising their glasses as they launch a new pint.

The new beer has been produced in Wigan, in Lancashire, as part of Project Venus, which aims to promote women in the brewing industry in the UK and in Eire.

Called Venus Gold, it is a nod to a pre-industrial age when ales were traditionally brewed by women at home.

Beer historians say women, not men, were the main brewers until monastries began making beer on a larger scale, and it was when brewing was industrialised, and the subsequent network of pubs which followed, that it became a traditional male domain.

Patsy Slevin, head brewer at Prospect Brewery, based in Standish, in Lancashire, said: “Brewing is getting back to its roots … with the rise in microbreweries it’s great to see women doing it again.”

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